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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Over the last few weeks I have been acting as a carer, an ambulance and a nurse to two friends. One has his foot in plaster and the other has had a knee op. This lead to no going out and taking pictures, but with the warmer weather the flowers in my garden have bloomed (well some of them have).

Here are some that I have taken over the last few days:

As busy as......



Lillie in bud

The same flower only a week or two later


Some good news, The plaster comes off the foot on Monday, so that is one less patient to look after, one to go.

Have a good week, thanks for looking


  1. Lovely to see the sunshine and flowers Trev, will we be seeing you in the New Years Honours List? Well done on all your caring. Lots of bright stuff about we have to make the most of it.

  2. Good to help your mates Trev... well done you xxx I love your flower pictures so not disappointed in your blog... that lilly is a stunner!!
    E xx

  3. Thanks both,

    Bad news, half of my Lilac tree has come down over the pond. A good job it did not come down on anyone.

  4. Sorry Trev, somehow I missed these, I agree with Eileen, the Lilly is a stunner. Ok in the tree, you will be able to burn the wood in the winter.

  5. Thanks Mike, No I will let John do that (:-)


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