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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bloors Wharf

Until I saw the date on my last blog I did not realise how long it has been since I had been out with my camera. I have been busy working for my club and also myself. This has not given me much time to get out.

Well this afternoon I slung everything into the car for a trip to Bloors Wharf on the R. Medway. I had not really timed it right but made do. I also met this chap who had meed from Essex very  near Rainham Marsh. I had taken the tripod and telescope and had that set up and he had a look while we were chatting.

Before all this I had been taking pictures

Too good to pass

In bloom

Just as good

But moving on to the Wharf

having a meal

Lazy lot

Taking off


Didn't like his photo taken

I know this is bad picture but I think this maybe a Lapwing if it is it is the first one that I have seen this year.

I am not sure if this is the same bird 

There were quite a few Redshanks but you will have to wait for them.

Have a good week


  1. welcome back to blog land Trev .... I've missed seeing your pictures!
    Love these Trev .. I'm always fond of seeing pictures of flowers and birds... my favourite subjects and these are just smashing !
    Eileen xxx

  2. Thanks Eileen, look out for part two later.

  3. Sorry I missed this Trev Blogger seems to be acting up again. Well done


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