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Friday, 3 May 2013

Spring afternoon

What a lovely afternoon today. The sun was hot but I was too busy to go out but while waiting for some paint to go off I walked round my garden.

A few weeks ago this was a wilderness with no colour and a few daffs just poking their heads above ground. What a difference a week or two makes.

Nothing to say, just enjoy the colour

More to come as they stick their heads up, have a good weekend.

Back to decorating 

Thanks for looking


  1. Glad you took a bit of time off to get these.

  2. Thanks Mike

    I have to finish by Wednesday morning of things will go pear shape.

  3. Aww Trev ... thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. So good to see rich and beautiful colours in the flowers.
    Eileen xxx

  4. Thanks Eileen, been too busy decorating to do much for the last week or so, now the weather is changing.

    The work is finished so wait for a gap....



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