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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Maidstone afternoon Train

Saturday afternoon the Kent Branch Morris Minor Owners Club met at a house in Maidstone for an annual train ride round one of its members garden.

There is loads of track and two trains that you can ride on. One is electric and the other is steam. The wind was blowing but the rain held off until the fun was over about 1615.

I was driven over by my friend Stan in Martin's Moggie as Martin was meeting us after he had a job to do.

The electric train

Steam train

These are the two engines

Andy (the owner) doing a test run to see that the track was clear. I wasn't and he had a few derailments this time but nothing major .

I had a ride round and it was fun but I could not take my camera on the journey.

Into the bushes

Stan's turn
We all wonder how he could sit that low and not get cramp !!!

Brian having a ride round

After this it started to rain so we went indoors for a cupa.

It was  a great afternoon and it was a pity that it came to an end

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  1. Looks like you all had a good time, great pictures and a nice layout to boot. Did Charles know about this layout? he would be in his element.
    Well done Trev, great blog.

  2. No Mike he didn't as he is not a member.

    It was nice but for the weather

  3. Good pictures Trev, lovely to make the most of the weather and get the camera fired up with the trains. Stan looks as though he was enjoying the ride, well done.

  4. He did Sue but the wind caught us all out as it was blowing from the wrong direction where there was no shelter

  5. Cor blimey ... this looks like super fun !
    E xx

  6. It was different Eileen and fun


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