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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Catch up

Hi All
  A couple of blogs have gone missing so I am going through my pictures to see if I can catch up.

I have been far and wide over the month so I will add on to the last one I can fine.

Capstone CP. this was after my trip to Eastcourt Meadow.


Grey Heron


Nice here wot


There are more but I will save them for later and move on.

Rare Breed car show put on by the Kent and East Sussex Morris Minor Club

Our crew feeding

How to enjoy a car show

Don't get nicked

Then there was a show at Aylesford, just a taster.

That's it for now more to come later

Thanks for looking


  1. So here you are, lovely shots from Capstone and nice to see the heron. Remember seeing that one of Stan before so I wonder what happened to the missing Blogs, send for Agatha "The Case of the Missing Blogs".

  2. That was another show Sue. He can't keep his eyes open.

    I was lucky that it was only two but I had put them on my other blog, so I knew what I had written

  3. Well done Trev, sorry I missed them yet again, you re NOT on my laptop Blogger. Great pics Great Heron shots.


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