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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Is it going to be a bad Tuesday

Continuing Tuesday

Well this one is better that last week as after a bit of up and downs and thinking this and thinking that, it is turning into a great day.

A few weeks ago Mike fitted a radio in the car which went up and down, like parts missing from the the fitting kit. Not a great problem but it meant having to go to Maidstone twice.  Having fitted the radio it was really loose in its mounting. Well today I sorted that out and it is a lot better. It is a bad fit but a lot better than it was. It is to do with the way Ford put in their radio's. Job Done

The next thing was that over the last week or so I wanted to buy and new camera as mine it well out of date. Looking around I decided to go for this camera then change of mind. and so on.

Milled it over and talking to Mike, it was then that between us thought it was not a good idea to change camera's as I have a few lens for the camera. It was decided to fill in the gap where I had a missing lens. Over the week and if I am honest I had looked at the Canon 50mm F1.8 but never got round to doing anything about it.

I then searched the web and found quite a difference in prices. up to £149. This lens when it was release was around £60. So I carried on searching, and came across Warehouse Express. I have had thing from them before but they are not cheap. This time they were so I have ordered may lens and wait for it to arrive.

So far it is not a bad Tuesday and I can hope for it the stay like it.


  1. Well done Trev, you deserve it, hope you have lots of fun with it.

  2. I hope that the weather holds with a bit of sunshine, that should really set it off.

  3. As I said, I have the 1.4 50mm Nikon, we will have to go out and compare.

  4. Yup that will be a good day / morning/ afternoon, with lots of fun

    I am still waiting for it as it is coming via Parcel force.


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