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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A pig in mud

Yes I have been running around like a pig in mud this afternoon. My new lens arrived just before 3 o'clock. After ripping it open and putting it on the camera I went outside in the garden. It was a pity that the sun was not out but I hardly notice that but it was cold after the last few days. Any way I was clicking away and this is the first results, some good some bad. 

I must say first that the lens is all that others have said about it including Mike, (thanks Mike) it is a 50mm F1.8 to F22 auto or manual.

 There has been no Photoshop, they are extracted out of the raw file into JPG  


  1. Hi Trev, the third one shows off the minimal depth of field very well. Looks very nice. Now you need some nice portraits.

  2. are you volunteering (:-)

  3. well, well, you have known what the rest of us have known for a long time Hee he


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