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Friday, 15 April 2011

50mm lens

Here I go again checking out the 50mm. The sun was hazy but bright so I decided to venture out into the garden. The tulips looked inviting to try out the lens. None of the images have been processed, just raw out of the camera. I hope that you like them:


  1. Pretty flowers in your garden, you will be charging an entrance fee.

  2. Well done Trev, going to start PP soon or are you happy with the images as they are? A very nice selection.

  3. You only need PP if you get it wrong.
    While testing it is a good idea not to use it as you wouldn't have an idea of what the lens can do.

    I use speed and different F number to check it out also different distances from the object.

    In the London Pride picture (second up from bottom) you can see some of the picture is the same distance and in focus, this would need a change of angel to get it right not blur in PP.

    It is a good lens and I want to try it on a landscape as I am told it is good for that.

  4. Ok mate,good for you I wasn't talking about blurring them. Well lots to do here must not slack as the boss is working till 9pm.
    Keep at it.

  5. Lovely pictures Trev ..... so pretty xxxxx


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