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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Busy day

It started late for me this morning as I was late getting up, this put me behind which in the end turned out fine.

About 0900 I go a call from my friend Peter asking if I could scan so drawing for him. Peter is one of my astronomy friends who uses his eyes and a pencil and paper. I scan his drawing so that he can lecture with Power-point.

I have used three of his drawing just to show how good he is, I wish that some of my images came out like his drawing. Click for the big pictureand don't worry about the meaning written on the image.

Jupiter taken on 14 October 2009

Mars taken on 17th Jan 2010

Jupiter taken on 18th April 2011

Peter uses a six inch telescope from his garden in Rainham, not the best of places.

When I had done Peter's drawing I went shopping and lazed around in the afternoon until it was time to cook dinner.

I then had some fun with the following: a Black Bird that kept hiding, two pests that would not keep still. But I did get them in the end.

Bird on a wire

Two pests


That's it folks for another day, I hope to go out with the camera tomorrow


  1. Ahhh .... a nice gentle day Trev ....Peter is very talented super sketches,very interesting x

  2. He is Eileen, he make up masters and then adds the detail as he see it. I believe that he has been doing it for around forty years.

    Yes it was a nice day and it also look like my back is better, fingers xxxx


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