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Monday, 23 May 2011

Thing that happen

I will call it an interest rather than a hobby, that is taking pictures of clouds. The formation of cloud with every one different looks nice and are changing all the time.

And then look for the group "cloud junkie"

Here are a few from yesterday

All taken around 6 pm last night


  1. Hello Trev .... we are back and trying to catch up with things including BLOGS..... nice pictures Trev ..... Shame about the colours you are using on your blog .... Gawd, it hurts my eyes .... has Mike complained or is it jus me!!! TIC :)

  2. No he hadn't but I have changed it because some things were hard to read.
    I hope you like it

  3. Just finished and have added the news but I believe it is all from the USA

  4. Oh yes ....ta Trev I love these colours ...easy to read ....much more comfortable ...Hpe you don't mind me having a moan :) Gotta catch up on Mr Goodes blog soon .... missed so much .

    E xx

  5. It was no good having colours that were difficult to read. I had trouble reading some things , so you just pushed me into changing it. I am glad that you think it is better.


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