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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

For the love of Iris and other flowers

Trev is back again after a dull few days. 

I have not had time to use the camera as I have been busy doing other thing. With luck I can have a few days off but looking at the weather it is not going to be nice this end of the world.

I had a look round the garden and the Iris are out in force. It was only the other day that there was a break in the buds. It is a pity that the sun was not out and these picture would have looked a lot better.

There are some flower that I have no idea of their names, so please forgive not having a title.

Two of the blue Iris

Yellow Iris this look a lot better from the side

Yellow/blue Iris

Bursting out

Exploding bud

I can't remember what this is.

There you go, things are looking up as summer is getting here. I have loads of flowers to photograph as summer gets here, as  you will see if you go to my Flickr site (link above).

Watch this space.
Bye for now

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  1. Nice images Trev, we might see the Shuttle go up with a bit of luck.


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