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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Great Day

Morning All
            It was a great day yesterday for a BH. It started like a usual Monday with lunch at Boomer's in Dockside. There I met John, Mike, Geoff and Charles. We always have a main subject for discussion and this Monday was about pin hole camera's . This went on for a while when Charles said what are you doing at 4:30 this afternoon, I said nothing, he said how about coming to to a Barbi, great idea.

We parted at around 1400 and I came home just to waste time until 4:40PM, and took the camera out into the garden. By this time it had clouded over and I thought that I had missed the good weather and it wasn't looking great for the Barbi. Anyway have you ever tried to chase a bee hoping from flower to flower, it is hard as the blighter's move too quickly. I managed a few frames  chasing it on the move, not a good idea.

I managed a few frame when he settled but he was off like a shot again in no time. Here is one that I managed, it is small because I cropped it a lot.

Bee in centre

Find the Bee

This is why the top one was cropped

Then it was off to Charles barbi and by this time the sun had returned but it was cool under the trees.

The barbi
Alex was doing the cooking and a darn fine job he made of it, not sure if he managed to eat but I hope so.

Charles and Mike deep in thought
Charles and Mike trying to work out a how a digital light meter works and reading the manual on computer.

Around 7:00 it was getting cool so we all went inside. This was when the boys toys came out, A bug race. Now you may ask what is a bug race.  Well you have these "things" that look like centipedes running round a track, this seemed to keep Charles and Mike interested  for what seemed hours. Me I was waiting for one to stop as I was told it 's battery was about to die, it never happened.   

Bugs on a track

You can buy loads of things for these and even play on line. That sounds good to me as maybe you can set them going and go out, they will still be going but the time you come back from holiday, great fun wot.

After this we all just has a chat about this and that, a great even, thanks to Charles and Jean and Alex for the cooking.




  1. Sounds like a great day Trev ....x

  2. You want to try chasing Daisy, she's faster than Bees

  3. That is what he thinks Eileen, he has never chased a bee

    Yes it was wasn't it Mike


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