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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Big Guns out

Hi All
        Well after the last few day I have had with some of theses pesky birds I decided to get the BIG GUNS out. The problem was size. a 300mm just don't cut it as the pesky things like the roof tops in the distance. We if the mountain and all that...

The Big Boy

This is an old manual operated 500mm, being old it is heavy, really heavy. but on the 500D it comes in at 800mm. Great I thought, this will get closer to them. Well the the weather had other ideas. The wind can rock this thing like a piece of card and it is in the west coming right down my garden, no shelter.

I did manage a few shot just to try it out. but nought to write home about. What with the wind, sun and trees, I need to wait for a calm day. 

I only manage to one before he few


This is about 1/4 mile at the top of my road, I was checking that the lens worked with the camera

I did go out this afternoon, windy it might have been but in the car it was nice. I went up to the top of Wortham Hill  to the picnic area.. As I left the cloud started to build so I came home

Over Kent

over Kent

These two were taken with the 50mm Polarising filter fitted

and this

Late afternoon with the 500mm  

Too much sun
 I took this but the sun was almost strait down the lens. 

 Better luck tomorrow


  1. Were do you think you are America??

  2. No but it does look like a 4" gun (Royal Navy)


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