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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dead Day

Hi All
        Well not a lot happening Tuesday, it must have been too good on Monday.
After a good few hours with nothing to do but argue with that pesky Blackbird (he is still sitting on the Arial shouting at me every time I go out in the garden) I had to fill the pond as it was nearly dry in fact the small top one was. As I filled the bottom pond the 10,000000 tadpoles came out of hiding. As there was not much to do I decided to try a photograph of them (or some of them). 

 Then having to decide how, never tried to photograph tadpoles before. I decided to use a polarising filter to take the glare off the water and the X4 close up lens. I am glad that there was not anyone around to take a picture of me doing this. Can you imagine a person laying prone over a pond with a camera, well don't. 

Here are some of the results, I am quite please as I have never done this before:

The first that I took

The filter is working

This last one has two tadpoles and I don't know what the other thing at the top right is, it could even be a twig.

That's is until tomorrow


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