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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

change of mind

A change of mind made me go into my garden just before lunch. I had been going to take a trip to Motley Hill, but as there wasn't any sun I change my mind.

After doing some chores around the house I was sitting down having a coffee when my unfriendly Blackbird started running amok round the garden. I went and got the camera (it was packed away for my trip). As he got closer I saw that he had a mouthful of "bugs".

Blackbird with mouthful of bugs
  I took a few of these and chose the best that showed his beak, Click on it for a better view.

He finally went out of sight and I went back to my coffee. As I had the camera out I thought that trip round the garden would be nice and I could check the bird table at the same time. This is what I found.

Wasps feeding
 Yes Wasps having a feed on some meat I put out for the Magpies, no Magpies but wasp's instead.
Moving on quickly I found a gulls feather (it must have fallen out of one of the flock yesterday.

Gulls feather
At the top of the garden is a small space is set aside for wild life. This time of the year it is overgrown so it looks really untidy but it is home to a number of insects: flies, beetles and such. Today I found two (there were a lot more if I had looked for them).

Small wild life area
I think this is a Horse fly
 I am not sure what this is but it doesn't look like a house  fly. A little later was  this green thing.

Green jumper
It has long legs on it so it can jump if it wants to.

Also on this patch is some fruit


Looking in the pond I saw a water boatman and took a picture. It was only when I put it on the computer that I saw that there were two mating out of the water.

Water Boatman
That was it for a long while, sure I had the usual Doves and Pigeon's but with the refection they did not come out too well. I decided not to post them. Then it happened again today, my unfriendly Blackbird came along to have what I call his daily bath. I call him unfriendly because he sits on my TV Ariel and shouts at me.

Mustn't forget to do behind my ears
look at him go I am glad he doesn't use my bathroom making this mess

All finished
He shot off so quickly that i did not see him go.

That's all for today.


  1. I just loved today's post Trev .... great shots! The blackbird with the mouthful of grub was stunning and I had a good chuckle at your captions on the pictures .... 'wash behind my ears' Very interesting all round... Super wildlife area! Everyone of my borders in the garden is a wildlife area 'cos the puppies keep digging stuff up .... little horrors!! xx

  2. Thank you Eileen

    I very nearly had it dug up and grassed over but it was one of those jobs I just didn't get round to, I am glad I didn't

    I love your cards

  3. Very nice post and great close up pictures Trev. The Rose is my favourite.

  4. What a lovely blog today Trev, good pictures and story line, that blackbird does like to have his abolitions in your garden.
    Would not suit Daisy as she likes plastic ducks and Wallace, Grommet and Wendolene in her bath with plenty on bubbles. She won't be round to interrupt your blackbird!


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