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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Evening Sky

Some things you just have to share, this is one time that it is a must.

The time was around 9:00PM when I was thinking of putting out the telescope, but there was too much cloud and it seemed to be coming from the west. The sight I saw was amazing that I had to get the camera and share these views: The first is the sun through the clouds and is not quite the way I had hoped it would come out. None the less it is quite a sight.

The next few are some amazing cloud formations and colourings

It is now getting later

Time to go in

Try clicking on the picture to get a better view,

That's all for now


  1. TFS Trev.... so very beautiful pictures xxxx

  2. Tomorrow (Wednesday) there is a Luna eclipse around 8 or 9 PM the Moon should turn orange.

    I am going to Canterbury where we have a class of school children and adults using our 14" telescope to see this. lets hope that the weather is clear.

    Thanks for the comments both

  3. Fingers crossed for tomorrow then, the sky is always there and I bet a lot of people never notice how beautiful the colours are sometimes. Don't forget to put your VCR on for 9 pm as well!

  4. I have done it Sue, so it is already set.

    WE are all hoping for good weather or at least a break in the cloud.

  5. Good luck at Canterbury, will be looking out for the Luna eclipse here as well.

  6. My blog has given up the ghost completely now, I lost loads of uploaded pics, type face changed and at 12.50am have given up and gone to bed..

  7. From what I have discovered you can't change a lot from the front page you need to go into settings to change most. I know that you have not done this so it has got to be their end.

    Maybe it is the server that you are locked to! In most cases Eileen is not having the the problems that you are getting and nor me.

    You told me that there is a forum, can you tell me the address as others must be complaining.


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