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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Getting back to normal

Well I feel that things are getting back to normal after three years of trying to and succeeding in get my cataracts done, both last year but waiting since 2007. It has made a big difference to using my telescope and camera.

 Today I went off to Aylesford with the camera. It was nice and warm on the river bank and there in all it's glory was this Willow tree. The sun was just right and this is one of the best for miles.

Willow Tree
I moved on and took this one of the church clock

Church clock
A few years ago I managed a picture of this from the road when the river was like a mill pond, the church was reflected under the bridge. I have never found this since as there are always ripples on the surface

I walked along the river bank and there was this one Sea Gull just flying up and down the river. If you want something hard to photograph try this. 

Gull in flight
 An then I got this, he landed almost in front of me for this one

Just Landed

Seconds later he took off

Taking off

Most of these were just luck, I could not have set them up if I wanted to.


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