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Monday, 6 June 2011

Sunday morning and Pigeon's

G'd day all
               It seem that I have tamed that pesky Blackbird coz he now sits on the TV Arial singing and has stopped shouting at me, good for him. I had been thinking of taking revenge but put out my plastic Owl and saying get on with that. No I would not do that as I would not get any joy out of not having any birds in the garden.

 Well as it was Sunday morning and there was no sun just cloud I decided to set up my bird feeder station. This should draw some more here.

Feeder station

The only bird that go anywhere near it are Dove and a few Wood Pigeon's. In fact they perch on it but can't reach the peanuts.

 I did manage to catch a pigeon / dove taking flight, lucky really

Pigeon / Dove taking off

These are taken through a window with lots of reflection.

So Instead of a Pesky Blackbird I now have pesky Pigeon's / Doves, pinching all the food


  1. Blogger is really playing up today Trev ....this is my second attempt to post a comment !!! Love the bird feeder.... don't forget they need water everyday too .... when it is hot they expend a lot of energy looking for a drink .... bit like OTL and his single malt!!! Thanks for the lovely comments you leave on my blog {{hugs!}} My cards take about 6/7 hours to make! but I just LOVE making them xx

  2. Oh is it, I did not have any problems with the blog earlier but it only take a minute for things to change.

    Water is not a problem coz their is a big pond about 5 feet from the feeder station. I do clean it out and refill as those pesky pigeon sit on it.

    Love the cards.

  3. Pesky Pigeons, he he, and Pesky blog. never mind worst things happen at sea. You are coming here Wednesday as we have a late car delivery. I will pick up the doe-nuts.


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