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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Morning Afternoon Evening Morning

Good Morning on this cloudy Sunday morning. Not a good first part of the day yesterday. It seem that from what I have been told I was not the only one, so I hope that you all feel as well as I do now.
It started  0530 when I woke with two men banging away with sledge hammers inside my head. Not a good start to the day but I thought that breakfast maybe the cure. It wasn't, so out came the tabs and over an hour later the men had slowed down but would not stop. I went shopping and came back and had a coffee. At lunch time I found that it had gone, now to get on with my life. 

There were one or two clouds but only one worth a picture, The flying skull, see what I mean:

Flying Skull

Click image to view large

Then in the evening I had a call from Mike who is still trying to get his picture back to full screen when you click on them. We found that by going back to his blog on 11th May the picture had gone quarter screen and no bigger. After half an hour both of use were none the wiser. Mine work with the same settings, his don't.

I then set up the telescope something I haven't done for a while. I still had to wait for it to get dark but it was worth the wait. The trouble with summer it is still daylight at 10PM. I waited until Saturn was visible and what a lovely sight the rings were. I won't bore you with the details but it was at time worth waiting for.

This morning after cleaning the bird bath with fresh water I found this bird in the garden, I am not sure what it is but I flew away before I could get a better shot. I manage these.


best one

These were the best and only two I got.

Have a good day


  1. Looks like a jaw bone to me but what do I know.
    Re my blog, I started a new on last night with and guess what it is the same as the old one.. So I am giving up on here and concentrating on doing my images from Florida. for a while

  2. This is silly, ever since you started your blog I have had to do this silly word game with any comment to you. Now today my comment went straight in with no word games???

  3. Sorry to hear about your bad head Trevor... I hope you are ok now.... the bird looks like a Green finch ..... The 'silly word game' when you make comments was because the 'Word Verification' was ON.... You have it on your comments as well Mike,only not for YOUR comments 'cos it's your blog!!.... I turned mine Off ! xx

  4. Glad your WV is turned off now Trev!

  5. Thanks Eileen. The trouble was it would not come out from behind that bush, so it wan't clear. I will try a better shot next time it comes round.

    I had a thrush in the garden for the first time for ages but they are quick


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