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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Medieval England at Leeds Castle

Morning all,

 Yesterday Mike, Sue, Daisy and me paid a visit to Leeds Castle to see the Medieval show. This started last Friday but the jousting was only on Monday and Thursday. The castle is a place that we visit quite often on our way back from Ashford.

Well they had to hold up the show because the M20 motorway was bumper to bumper with people getting to the show. We have ticket for the year and walked in while the que  went way back.

Two Peacocks met us on our way up the path

Of course you can't go with out taking a few pictures of the castle

Castle and moat

Rider in costume 
I am not going to say too much on the main event today but here is a taster for tomorrow.

The show is put on by The Knights of Royal England

See you tomorrow, thanks for looking


  1. Didn't know today was Thursday.
    Well done lovely Peacocks and a good start into the show.
    I dont normally criticise but you are chopping bits off of pictures.

  2. My favourite is the good horse movement in picture no. 6, he looks really strong. It was a lovely day and we were lucky with the weather. They move so fast but plenty of colour.

  3. Liked the pictures loads, Kayrole

  4. Yes Mike, I know but you use them or not use them. It is what happens when you point and shoot action shots.If you look carefully it hasn't as the chop is at the feet.
    As long as the subject work it doesn't matter.

    1. PS, what did you mean by today being Thursday as I said yesterday was Monday and the next one was Thursday, Sue told me that.

  5. Brilliant stuff Trev ... what fantastic colours ..we saw this show one summer while we were on holiday down in the New Forest .. brought back happy times ... thanks Trev xxx


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