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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Up close and personal (well from 30 or 40 feet)

What a funny day, I was up at 0630 and it was that 'orrible drizzle but it had stopped by the time I got back with the papers, good show. After breakfast I took Eileen's advice and bought some Nyger seeds (I think that's what they are called).

When I got home I found out why they need a feeder that is different from the others. Try this, take a bag full of ball barrings and open it up, on moving there is no stopping them. I was lucky I used a funnel and was able to stop the flow, it still made a mess on my dishwasher. I did manage to find a feeder on-line at the RSPB shop, so I shall order one if I can't find one in the town.

 After doing other work I sat down in the conservatory and was watching a Pigeons (I get lots of them) sitting on the bird table and this one did not mind me moving around just looked up. I got to about 30 feet of him with out him flying away.

Do you mind I'm eating
He stayed util he could hardly fly away, but he did.

A little later there were a few more but a Starling caught my eye having a bath right in font of me.

I'm wet
A bit small but if you click on it to enlarge it....

Next was this very irate Blackbird racing towards me.

Do you want some
He did not finish there but kept going and finely stopped with

Yeah you 
This bird really had an attitude, but I stood my ground and he flew off (cheeky devil)

There was a break but not for long as a Magpie started a fight with a Starling who flew off. The Magpie came back and had a fight with a Pigeon (this did not seem to bother the Pigeon as he just jump out of the way) and the Magpie gave up

Bad tempered Magpie

Gave up and flew away

This was it for a while and everything settled down to the Pigeon's making a pig of themselves on my corn.

Later still I went back out and I love to watch the Starlings get at the Mealworms. They are getting cleaver, they fly up to the feeder and rock it until the worms fall out, then they drop to the ground and pick them up. I love to watch them trying to hang on, this can be funny.

Clinging on for dear life

That's got them
Click to make bigger.

That is it for today see you later


  1. Great post Trev... I love looking at your pictures .... that Blackbird looked a real toughie!! Must be a 'teenager'!! lol :) xx

  2. I think you are right.But I saved him tonight.

    I was watching the TV and I heard a thump on the conservatory roof. I dashed out and this cat was on the roof going for this Blackbird. The bird flew of and the cat scooted off on to next door shed.
    I am waiting for a cat scarer just to upset them not hurt them.


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