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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday lunch time

Good Afternoon All

After and early start things settled down to their normal pace (slow). So I went out into the garden for a slow walk round. Many years (well not that many) learnt to take the camera with me on these trips, you never know what has changed since yesterday. The colour of something or a flower bloomed anything.

Well today there was a few or maybe it was the way the light it it, but these were worth a shot.

  I have ordered next years Iris and Lilies but they won't be here until September, Mandy my gardener is threatening me as there is not the room to put any more plants we are full up she says. Of course I take no notice and buy 25 Tulips. I then say to here "you put them where you can" I normally get a black look but she has not let me down yet.


These two roses change colour nearly every day, they start off a light pink and move slowly to a deeper and deeper red. by the time they reach the end they get very tatty.

Then looking up there were a few cloud formations.

Aeroplane across the sky
Looking out to sea
Snow top
This reminds me of snow on a mountain 

That's it folk's maybe more later


  1. Thanks Mike, you can imagine the mountain top coming through the clouds

  2. I love the flowers.... like the roses, it's a pity that we get 'tatty' as we get older too!

    Holly and Daisy send woof's cos you two are their favs 'two legs' apart from OTL and me!!x

  3. Thank you Eileen, those roses are a different colour every day as they slowly change.

    I only have 4 rose bushes in the garden but these two are the best.

    I hope that Holly is a lot better today, love to both

  4. Well done on the flowers, I like roses in other peoples gardens because they are so beautiful but they spend most of the year as prickly twigs. The aeroplane was just in the right place, very good.

  5. I must try some clouds , they are very appealing. Come on Holly , get well soon, woof, woof.

  6. Thank you Sue
    Mike you only have to look out of the window and look up to see clouds.

    If you just see clouds you won't get far but if you use your imagination you see loads of things. That is why Flickr has a group called Cloud Junkies


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