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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The second battle of Wigmore

Well what an afternoon we had yesterday and by what I have read it was all over. With luck we can all wave bye by to that storm.

Today has made up for it with what will be known as the "second battle of Wigmore", the first you don't want to know.

This happened this morning while I was trying make up my mind what I was doing for the day, how that ended was something else.

I was just sitting thinking about what the day would bring when I decided to get my camera which was really a "just in case", good job I did.

Well they say that a picture is worth a 1000 words but I really can't see that in this case, so sorry if it goes on a bit. (not really as I think it is just too good to miss).

Dove lands
This bird was on his own just wanting a free lunch (provided by me)

Enjoying his feed

Bully boy arrives
This looks like trouble

I'm going to take over

I said this was going to be trouble
As they have not got football shirts on.... But they are going for it 

getting ready for another attack
coming in for another attack
I had enough of this I'm off
This fight lasted about five minutes but it seemed like hours.

I like to think that the bird who started it got beaten.

Sorry that I still have the reflection to deal with.

Later on I found some cotton wool in the sky, nice.


Old Smoky
That't it for today and the sky is clouding over.


  1. Great story Trev. Good shots too you going to have to invest in a remote so that you can set up the camera outside and watch the action from the lounge.

  2. Yeah... I agree with Mike, good story and good pictures Trev .... If a remote is too expensive how about removing the window glass ....oops maybe not, a bit drafty when you are a 'wrinkly' lol lol lol xxxxx

  3. To say nothing of the rain getting in

    How is Holly a lot better I hope


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