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Friday, 1 July 2011

An afternoon with the camera (well almost)

Well another weekend here, so g'd day to you.

It started in the normal way, you know you get out of bed and it is too early or to late to do this or that. Well it was too early at 0500 but I was far from wanting to go back to sleep or wanting to get up, getting up won.

After breakfast I did the weekly shop and then just mooch around when I go a call from Mike to say he had a part for the car, so come on over.

Mike and I played with some of Mikes pictures, I was trying to show Mike how to take clouds. When you look you see, don't look, don't see. then Mike did the job on my car.

 I   stayed about an hour. I left him and Sue having lunch, so I came home for mine.

After this I grabbed the camera and waited for things to happen in the garden. I did not have long to wait.
This Magpie came down and grabbed a drink, he must be getting used to me as he doesn't fly off every time I move
and again

He had a feed after this and the chased a Starling and few off

Starling hovering
I'm off
Pigeon flew off 

Starling trying to hang on

The next three at for Mike



That is it until tomorrow but I do have a busy weekend


  1. Sounds like you had a good time Trev ... Love the Magpie! x

  2. @ cloud shot, looks like our Daisy has tried to rub out the sky.


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