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Monday, 27 June 2011

In flight entertainment

Hi All
        Not a lot happening today as I have been busy doing other things.

I did manage a few shot early this morning around 0600. I an not sure what this bird is as the light was all wrong

Sunning himself
The rest of the morning was spent working in the home but I did take a break to have coffee with my neighbour. I lost her and as she is 83 I do lots of things for her. It is her husband that is in hospital.

Anyway after that I did not get a chance to use the camera until after tea tonight. I then got two or three shots that were good enough to put up. I still have a problem with the reflection in the window as well as them needing a clean.

I managed a bird taking off, lucky shot really

Taking off

The next one I was waiting for but the one after really was a point and shoot.

He is really just flying to the ground

In Flight

This is the best yet as there was not time to set up the shot

There were a few others but not worth putting up.

Let's see what tomorrow brings


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. You crack me up Trev ..... 'The windows need a clean' .... Yep! they do, but the pictures are still good...:) xx

  3. I was going to put that, or move the camera slightly but I thought it would offend so I removed it. lol

  4. Well both I have been out there and cleaned the windows before it got too hot.
    Just been out to reset the bird feeders, there was nothing in them and cleaned out the water baths for them.

    I would not have been offended as I said it Mike, see you around 1145.


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