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Sunday, 3 July 2011

For Richard (Groombridge Place Gardens)

Hi All
         This is for Richard who I think will find this interesting. Anyone else may get bored.

Stan , Marting and me went to a car show at the above place, I am sure you will like these Richard.

Just picture from hear

I hope you like


  1. Yus Trev....I woz bored! Joke Joke :)

    Looks like a great day out and good fun ... I love the last picture of the car... they really take care of them don't they

  2. Well Eileen you are not Richard so you should be bored. Hee he.

    Yes it was a good day out but I can't say much as I am two days behind with the blog. Tomorrows you will go over the moon about.

  3. Very good but ............ no flowers, no birds. Seriously though I bet Richard wished he had been there to join in.

  4. Only two days behind Trev, I have stopped worrying. I just do it now when I can. I always laugh at the way they show off there vehicles and always sit right on top of them so to speak. Maybe this is so that they get in the picture.
    Well done Trev

  5. I think he would have like what was there but it was small compared to what he normally goes to, Sue.

    Mike just because you are a lazy good for nothing... Only joking, I got so many picture that I would like so many people to see that I can't put them all up at once.
    I have been very busy over the weekend that I have take over 200 picture and very little time to put them up.

    I have some great pictures for Eileen and Sue they will make their mouth water (yours as well I hope)

    I went down with Stan in the Cozzy yesterday and boy don't it move.

  6. Yep Trev, that's me a lazy good for nothing. 3 weeks left.

  7. I bet you are now counting the days or is it the minutes LOL

    You don't do bad


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