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Monday, 25 July 2011

Where have all the birds gone?

Where have all the birds gone? This is a question that I have been asking myself for a week or two, well my RSPB mag came last week and being busy I not had a chance to open it. Over the weekend I did but did not get  much of a chance to read it. Today I found the answer to this question. 

Most birds are on the end of their breeding or have finished. This means that they are not as active as they were, They are sitting up somewhere moulting and not moving so they do not need as much food. I must say that apart form my Blackbird who had another bath today there have only been Doves and Pigeons in my garden. Even the Magpies are missing. A lot of noise from people working in garden seem to frighten my birds away.

Late in the evening I did get a couple of shots but not as good as usual, 

 This flock was flying round, this is the first time that I have shot a flock, it is harder than you would think.

Baby Blackbird
I am going to catch this bird and set him up as an Olympic Champion, what a fast bird this one is

Coming in to land
  This is the only action shot and the shutter was too slow.

Not a Bird
This few over, so it was something to do.

That's it, I hope it is better tomorrow

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