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Thursday, 28 July 2011

No Sun today but maybe tomorrow

At taps they announce no moon tonight, then someone in the crowd shouts out "two moons tomorrow night!"
Well it did show itself for a micro-second this morning (the sun that is) and I have no idea if it will come back, but here's hoping.

A trip to the wild  side gave me something to photograph so it wasn't all bad today. This really was in the hope that the sun will come out but just in case.....

Look very closely at  your garden and what seem very barren can sometimes turn up trumps. Look into thing and see. Mike caught out someone who was moaning about too much cloud at a sun set. This chap had missed the lovely colours on the cloud. We can all do this in the garden. So wander round and look carefully or look at a different angle at a flower, or anything, I did this morning, using the standard 18-55mm lens and a X2 close-up lens, this is what I got:

Small flower with head above the rest
This is in the middle of a rockery with other plants all around.

Bee gathering Nectar

I had to get really low for this one and took a few shots to get it right, this I think made it worth it.I also had to wait for him to turn round.

Jumper or fly
I am not sure what this is but it was worth a few shots but trying not to disturb it was a problem

This flowers every year and in a cluster it look so beautiful when out. They last a while as well

This is another one like the above, If you go to my Flickr page a friend called Mark took one of my pictures and "played" with it, it was one of these, just search for cacti.

White Lily
Remember what I said about looking? Well I nearly missed this as it is hidden away. It is one of my favourite flowers and I thought that they had all finished. They have all but gone, so beautiful.

Red Rose
This is one of those Roses that change colour as they get older, this will end up a pink.But the next one is how they start off

Rose bud
That is all I have but if the sun come out this will have changed. I wonder if my Blackbird will have his daily bath? He has been shouting at me every time I go out into the garden.


  1. Lovely flowers Trev, Sue sorted it out, bless, will tell you another time.

  2. Stunning,stunning, STUNNING pictures ! The red rose looks like Velvet soooooooo beautiful xxxx

  3. Thank you Eileen, it is hard work using a close-up lens as the over all distance is very short the least movement puts it out of focus.

    I am glad to hear it Mike, it drove us both round the bend last night. I look forward hearing the answer.


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