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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Down by the river

Hello again,
            I did a bit of shopping this morning for my neighbour (the one who's husband is still in hospital, 5 week now). I then decided to go down to Riverside country park with my camera. I am glad that I did as I managed to wonder into an area that I have on seen before.

A little lake full of nature
 In here was a family of Moorehens, there were four with mum.
Mum and chicks

in and out of the reeds

Hang on that is taste

Where has everyone gone
 This one went off on it's own and was last seen entering the reeds

Mum and one chick
After a while a couple came along and we started talking, there had been more duck yesterday but they thought that they may have been eaten by something, sad as I did not get to picture them.

After this I went out onto to main path.


Second barge

I then started to walk round to the point.

Looking for food

You know how I love birds in flight, well here are two, the light was all wrong but....

Just gliding on the wind
 Then a couple more shots before heading home for lunch.
I don't know what this is but all my books don't show  bird in these colours.
I thought it was a Goldfinch but the colour is wrong
Heading to town
Squadron manoeuvres 
Oh what a lazy day
That's it as it is time for lunch

Have fun


  1. Got to explore that site soon eh Trev.

  2. Yes it is out of the wind and on a sunny day will be nice

  3. That is a lovely area Trev.... some great pictures.... looks like a good walk .... the unknown bird looks like a male sparrow :) xxxx

  4. That is what I thought when I first saw it Eileen but on the computer it looked too red on its head.

    I will have another look at the camera shot and see, Ta

  5. I have just taken another look and I think that I was right the first time, it is a Sparrow. I think that the colour changed on the screen but it is more of a brown than red.
    Got there in the end


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