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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Quiet day again

Well it has been quiet again today with only a few Pigeon's and dove's around but I did see a Blackbird around but not for long.

I little bit of fun with a couple of Doves and watching a Pigeon eat a whole Peanut, that was funny.

Get off of me
One trying to bully the other 

I'm out of here

Look out I'm coming in


Love birds

What do I do with this

Chew it

The next really had to be a movie as still won't do it justice.
This Pigeon had a whole Peanut. He tried to chew it then he swallowed it 
But the picture that I left out he stretched his neck to make it go down. No way could I capture that

As I said that is it for now


  1. Ahhhhhh love the 'love birds Trev xxx

  2. I could hear that over here (:-)


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