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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Busy hour

Hi All
        Not to much happening today but I did have a play. I put the inferred filter on and took a 193 second picture up my garden. This is the result,
just for fun
I then had to wait a while for any birds to enter the garden but when they did I had some more fun.

He asked "what you looking at"
This bird had a look strait into my window mooch around for a bit and decided to move on.

I have lift off
He seemed to have a job getting off but,

We are going to make it

I have made it
 After all this He decided to land

Get out the way
A real bully boy so

I'm getting out of the way

It's bath time.

All this took place in less than an hour but it was good fun to watch

One last picture of the full Moon

That all for now


  1. The moon shot is super Trev .... love all the birds but not tooooooo sure abt the 'Red' one !!!

  2. The bird in flight in the "I have made it shot" is superb apart from you no what. Not keen on the red one. Can you up the speed any more??

  3. That is playing with the filter and can change a normal picture, there are a lot on Flickr that do this.
    You only filming the heat off of the objects and that is what you are seeing.


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