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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Something different

I have been asked how I do astrophotography and what equipment I use, this is a short breakdown of it.

First you need an adapter for your camera this is so you can fit a T-piece  that fits the telescope eye-piece.

Here is some of the equipment that you can use

From left to right, the adapter that will fit your camera. The T-piece, this let the camera fit where the eye-piece goes. There are different types but this is the one that I use because it lets you use or not use an eye-piece. The others are only used to help magnification and are a 2X Barlow (this doubles the eye-piece) and the other one on the far right is a PowerMate 2.5X. Not enough room here to explain this one.

Camera, adapter, T-piece

 The adapter is placed on the camera 

The T-piece is then screwed into the adapter with or without the eye-piece

The front of the T can be unscrewed to fit 2" eye-piece holders.
This is then place where the eye-piece goes in the telescope and tightened up, I hang the camera strap on to something on the telescope in case of an accidents, and I have had the camera come loose and would have hit the ground...

That is it for now, I hope to get some picture of birds tomorrow


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