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Monday, 18 July 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Well it is Sunday morning and it is not raining, what luck as I want to clean the windows. I am hoping that I will help to get rid of some of the reflection.

I managed to clean them and it did help but around 1100 it rained as we all knew it would. I did get a few shots in before it rained and the light was better than yesterday.

The first along was the Guardian, he sits up on the feeder and watches over the rest. I am not sure what he does if danger appears, fly off maybe.

The Guardian
This bird always seems to be looking out for the others

This is our 11's is 
Well they stayed a while before making off because the bullyboy arrived

The Magpie
I love the blue on his wings it stands out
The next one was just for fun
He's not really standing on the bird bath but I had to take this

Next I had a first, an Olympic Champion in the 100mtr 
Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it is a Thrush moving at warp factor 10
This bird was running at 90 mph I am sure of it, honest.

Here is a better picture of him.
He almost came up to the window.
Then in the afternoon it rained with a thunder storm, the Guardian was back and if you click on him you will see the rain jumping off of his feathers.

A wet bird on more ways than one
As I was packing up I just caught this one.
Landing gear down
I did not think he was going to make it but he did land on the BT.

Just before Mike and Sue got here this Guardian got to work on my feeder  

Guardian nicking seeds
That is it as it is now down to the party

Late news Helen didn't win she let herself down at the last fence  

Fingers cross for tomorrow


  1. The reflection seems a bit better Trev.... love the picture of the wet birdy.... good shot! :)

    E xx

  2. Ps I knew Tom would win ..... the nice(ish) ones always do.... I suppose like any business you have to have staff that get along together.

  3. Nice set Trev, really enjoyable time last night, thanks.

  4. I cleaned the windows but the rain did not help

    I wanted Helen to win and she sold herself short in the end.

  5. Helen would have won if he had been offering a job but with a serial inventor he saw potential to make money on his £250,000.
    Besides that lovely pictures Trev, I like the rain coming down on that poor birdy, very good capture, certainly a lot to see in your garden.


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