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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Green morning

After a quiet day yesterday with nothing doing things look up this morning. First time for over a week I had some Starlings in the garden pecking away at the Peanuts. Then a Sparrow, I can't remember that last time one of these was in the garden, a good while.

There sitting up taking note of what was going on was the Guardian. feeding away at the seeds watching the others and making sure they are safe.
The Guardian watching
Then came the two Magpies (mum and baby) to eat load of meal and seeds as well as having a good time.  I have noticed over the last few days that these fly up into my trees while the other bird fly a good way off.

Two Magpies
While I was standing near the window a Dove came flying towards me and I nearly ducked.

Close call least in the camera lens
He landed on the Bird bath for a drink and boy was he thirsty, he nearly empty the bird bath.
This birds mother was a Camel

After he had is fill he flew off into the tree's 

Up up and away

Sometime later I went to Riverside Country Park but I will save that until tomorrow (getting behind again)


  1. Cor ...loads of action shots ..nice one Trev and no reflection that I could see anyway! E xx

  2. Yes Eileen. It depends on the time of day and the morning is best


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