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Friday, 29 July 2011

Squadron Manoeuvres

Listen, listen very carefully, are you listening, good. You can hear The Dam Buster march  in the distance, getting louder and louder. Then as it get even louder they come into view. First one!

The leader
Then comes two

Then the rest of the squadron takes off.

Getting off the ground

Up in the air
Fly passed

Coming in to land
And in a flash it is all over.

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) the sun came out and I got my trip to the Motley Hill end of the Riverside Country Park. There were Gulls everywhere and they were on the move all of the time. This was how I managed to put this together. 

I had not been to Motley Hill before so it was a different view of the park. 
Looking out over the river there was lots that I could not have seen from the main part of Riverside Country Park.

Old barge
I have always seen this from the main part of the park never this close.

A wider angle of the shore

Out to the point.
This is looking out to the point. I have walk out there but never seen it from this angle.

As I said at the beginning there were load of Gulls and more than one colony, this was only one.

I hope to sometime go down to Berengrave Nature reserve, soon I hope.
Have a good weekend


  1. Hi Trev, just found your blog through Eileen,
    love your photography and have become a follower !
    chris richards

  2. Many Thanks Chris I hope that you enjoy it

  3. Hello Trev ... woohoo I see Chris has joined our happy band!

    Trev.... it is not my birthday today ... Daisy said MISSY (short for Melissa) not The Missus! I knew as soon as I saw it that Daisy was asking for trouble and people would think it was me .... March 26th my birthday ... Sue thinks it is as well ... I wonder if I will get loads of presents?????? xxxxx

  4. BTW Trev ....just love the Gulls and I heard every note of the Dam Busters!!! xx

  5. Oh dear, another case of reading what I wanted to see. Yes it was me who told Sue.

    I pent quite a while getting those shots but I am not sure why they all took off like that, but I am glad they did.

    Look out for today's blog.


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