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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Where has the Sun gone, it is July

It is July and although it is warm where has the sun gone.

Today I thought that I would try to improve on yesterdays close-up pictures. I started by using my 50mm lens and then added a X4 close-up lens. The bare lens is ok but you end up too far away and too much background. With F3.5 no depth of field. I tried 7-8 and that worked but was the best I could get.

Some of the picture are an improvement on yesterday's but I have put in some new one, lets start.

Red Rose
This is the same Rose as yesterday but now taken with the X4 lens in front.

Yellow / orange Rose
This is a beautiful rose when fully out

Pink rose
These three roses have quite a following on Flickr as I photograph them every year. If you click the link for Flickr and look under Flowers and Nature you will find them.

Fly on a Lily
I nearly missed this, as I said yesterday look and see.


I don't know what this is but it is a messy flower that drops petals everywhere

Just after lunch that Pesky Blackbird came back, grabbed a mouthful of food and landed on the birdbath.
Mouthful of food

The next thing he get very aggressive thinks he owns the place.
Do you want some!
See what I mean

The next one is him flying off, Not a very good picture but I was lucky to get it
I'm off
That's it for today but I went to Motley Hill this afternoon, and toot some very nice pictures. I may rain so I will save them
Have fun


  1. I loved the flowers yesterday Trev ..... and these are even better !!!

    You mentioned on the post below about moving when you do close up stuff ....

    I use a tripod to take my card pictures .... stops the 'out of focus' shake as I set it on a 10 second delay timer! I know the birds won't wait..... hi hi but your flowers would be okay

  2. With flower I sometime do but with flies and such like they are off before you can get set up. A lot is how high or how far away you can get from what you are trying to photograph. With the X4 lens it in inches.

    I use a remote switch when I use a tripod.

    BTW with the X2 you get more room.

  3. Hi all, I think the pink rose is the best one.

    Bo ho I've been working all day so no time for photography.

    Sill maybe tomorrow, good this retirement lark, not.

  4. Awwww... Mike needs some lessons from us Trev .... he ain't doing thing right !

  5. You are right Eileen, he is working too hard and will be a grumpy old man...Hee he


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