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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sunday at Groombridge Place Garden Wings and Wheels

It was fairly early when Martin picked me up so that we both could go and join up with Stan. When we got to Stan's it took a few minutes to load the car and I had the choice of who I went with. I said that I would go with Stan and come back with Martin.

The car show turned out to be a group event and we met the others on Blue Bell Hill services. We spent about 20minutes wait for 5 cars to turn up and then hit the road. On the M20 one thing came to light, Martin's speedo was very slow. according to the Sat-Nav  Martin was doing 43MPH and his speedo said 50MPH, not a good speed on the motorway.

We drove on and drove to Groombridge via the lanes, there seemed to be loads of people cycling but they could not have been a club as they were spread over a wide area.

We all six got to the show ground around 10 and set-up Stan's gazebo and don't we live well, hot and cold running water, cookers, great home for home.
Stan and Martin well doing nothing
The trouble is it was getting hot (Stan and me got burnt) so Martin go to and made the coffee. Martin is a real doer as he cooked a three course meal, I did take a bottle of wine for us.

Spitfire (not real)
Just to give an idea on size
  This is just to give an idea on how big the show was, I would need to take about 10 of these.

Some cars on display (sorry Eileen)

I will stop here but I could go on with about 20 or more but one more

Stan's Cosworth Engine

I should have taken one of the car as it is in showroom....

At 6PM we were on the road but I decided to go back with Stan to help unload his car. As it happened Martin went a different way and beat us back by a few minutes.

It was a great day out with a three course meal in a field with lots to see.
Bye for now


  1. Great set Trev, dont like the idea of Stans cambelt being uncovered. Shame you did not get one of his car.

  2. Smashing post Trev.... it's good to get out and about! Love the pictures of the cars ( See, not bored......much! lol lol lol ) Did I spy an 'E Type' Jag? I remember LKE saying he had one of those in his youth ...Ken and I often talk about him ...still miss him ... xx

  3. I don't want one as I like what I have, Mike

    Yes Eileen they had a class of the own (E-type). the black one was at one end.

    I often think and talk about Bob but I didn't know he had an e-type.

  4. Yes, LKE will never be forgotten in our books either.


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