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Monday, 4 July 2011

Saturday afternoon

I had some two hours to kill before I went out on Saturday so I sat down with the camera. I had bad lighting and to it had clouded over and was quite grey. I couldn't get the speed on the camera that I liked, so along with the reflection on the window it was a bit of a bad day. I wanted to make the most of it but as you can see it is kind of dark.

The was a pair of Magpies "playing" which made it interesting, they were chasing the other birds off.

Magpie having a drink
 This Magpie was joined by a mate and one gave the other a drink. I could not capture it as it was so quick.

Don't they look bossy

Is this one ready for  a fight

Two together

Just caught this one
Coming in
Look out
-I took lots more pictures but with bad light these are the best of the bunch.


 I was asked to photograph these two horses for one of our members


  1. The pictures are pretty good Trev considering the light and the reflection from the glass ....I have just got to ask this question Trevor ...Why are you taking pictures through the glass? why don't you go outside?... am I missing something? lol :}

  2. No, if I go outside the birds fly away. there is nowhere for me to go out side. So I open the lounge door and take picture through the conservatory window. The doors don't line up.

  3. Mmmm I see ..... Ken often sits in a chair outside by the feeders and the birds get used to him after a while and he picks up some good stuff .. He also uses a portable hide that he bought some years ago now ...good results with that as well. Xxx

  4. I would love to do that but I only have to move across the room and they fly off.
    Some of the pigeons just stop and then carry on. the Dove's they are off in a flash as well as most of the other birds. I think that there are too many cats round here and they are frighted of that because the don't just fly into the trees they go right over the back.

  5. BTW the windows are 5ft across and don't open

  6. Cor ....wot a 'Pane' for you Trev!!!!! Xxxx :)

  7. But I do enjoy it Eileen even if I have to use Photoshop to take the reflection out. If the light is right no reflection.

    I do like your cards and when my Sisters birthday come round I would like you to design one if you will.

  8. Liked the ones of the birds in flight really good.

  9. I would be delighted to make a card for you for your sisters birthday Trev ...when is it ? x :)

  10. Thank you Eileen it is not until the 26th December, so plenty of time

  11. Cheers Trev ....and thank you for asking XXX


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