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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wet Saturday

   Yes it is what it says in the title, but you really don’t want to be reminded of that. It does mean that there are no birds in flight as the camera speeds were far to slow for that. I have some pictures of some very bedraggled birds. I took pity on them this afternoon and moved the bird table under the tree (as you will see) this got them back. The sun has now come out but who knows for how long.

  Just to let you know the mist is rain on the window (outside).

    The day started well but overcast but not raining. I had to go shopping for the party tomorrow night as Mike and Sue are coming round for the final of the Apprentice and it is my turn to host it.
While I was out I thought of going to Riverside but as I had frozen food I could not. I got home and it started to rain quite hard. While I write this the sun is out and quite warm.

    I have had a few birds in the garden but not that many, Doves, Wood Pigeons, Blackbirds and the bullyboy the Magpie. I managed a few shots but I had to delete a lot, even some of these needed a lot to get them where they are.

Fingers crossed that you like them.

I had two guardians watching over the garden for what seemed ages.

two guardians

Two Guardians

My Blackbird is back
Magpie eating a cherry
A Magpie had a good feed on a fallen cherry and even took it up on to the bird table

He took the cherry onto the table, a bird with manners

Pigeon it a tree
This Pigeon few into this tree, I thought he was after the cherries but no he just sat there.

Having his fill
That's it for today, lots of pictures but to dark or out of focus because of the slow speed. I hope to have better luck tomorrow

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