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Friday, 5 August 2011

High flyers and flora

Yesterday (Wednesday) I did manage to get out and decided to go back to the estuary to see if I could get a close look at those birds. I did find out the limitations on my lens as these birds came closer but not close enough. They landed on a small island (at hight water) and I was able to walk down the roadway to get some more pictures. This was still too far for my lens or the birds were too small. I have managed to get one picture with them in flight but it is highly processed so I think that we will have to try again.

I did manage quite a few Gulls in flight and some of there antics look great.

The gliders

Coming in to land

As close as they got

By the roadside were these two plants, I have not looked them up yet

 Today Mike and I are going to take our cameras on the Kingswear Castle which if the weather hold should be fun. The trip is to Oakham ness on the Medway.

That looks like being published for Saturday


  1. Oh it was, sorry Trev missed this post.

  2. I love your out and about trips Trev, interesting places and super pictures as well ... We are off tomorrow (sat) but I will call in as often as I can to see what you are up to! Signal and dongle permitting!!! xxxx

  3. Hi Trev, wonderful shots !!
    Guess what trev, I dont know what the flowers
    are ??? I must be slipping in my old age......
    all the best
    chris R

  4. I have found out what the purple flower is, A Common Mellow.

    Yes Eileen we don't want the signal and dongle problems as we won't know what D&H are up to.

    Don't worry Chris you can't remember every plant.

    Tomorrows is our Kingswear Castle trip


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