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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Action Station Incoming

Well it started like any other day, too much work and not enough time, so something had to go. I was waiting for a parcel to arrive and as it was going to be delivered by 1300 I had to stay in this morning. I did most of the work and then sat down around lunch time with the camera. Early this morning I has a Sparrow in the garden, I had not seen one for weeks but he few before I got the camera.

Lunch time the Guardian appeared but he did not just perch on the feeder but tried to eat seeds though the plastic feeder.

The Eagle had landed

made it
    Then he jumped up 

Why can't I get the seed
Off again
He jumped to the ground and when I looked up a Starling had flown in. There has only been a few at a time for weeks

I can still see you
Next came two Magpies one of which is still a baby a really scruffy looking bird

Mum and baby
He could do with a comb
Mum want a drink
They hung around for a while before flying off

The trapeze artist (or the bird who should be)

Watch this.

Landing on feeder
Help wot next
Try this side
Almost got the hang of this
I will leave you with this bird trying for ages to get a grip on the feeder.

See you tomorrow


  1. Good evening Trev, well where are all the starlings ? I must admit that i have'nt seen any lately ! But some great tail feather shots....
    chris R

  2. Wow, That was quick Chris I only just post this.

    I don't know where they have gone but there are only a few about here.

    All I seem to be doing is feeding Doves.

  3. Good action shots Trev. Started to catch up with my blog, Mondays posted. Only another 3 days to catch up. Hi to Chris


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