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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dull but bright day Day one Part three

There is not a lot to say but this morning at 0615 I looked out the window and:

Looking East

Looking West
This was a dash as within two to three minutes it had all gone. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I have a few more of them but they will go up on my Flickr site, link in right hand panel. It maybe a while before you see these site again, wind and rain forecast for the next few days.

Two more of the deep water creek at low water

You need to join all three up in the mind to get an idea of how big this creek is. Of course you could always go their.

Power station
This is one of the best shots of the power station as it is normally very misty.


Red/Green Shank's
A flyer




Looking out over the salt marsh. If you take the Motley Hill road to the No Entry Signs you can follow the path out to the salt marsh. It need to be low water or there would be no birds. You can only view from the path as you can't get onto the marsh.

We have lift off
  Climbing out of a gully

I walked out on my lawn this morning only to find:
The end of a life maybe. I have to say that I couldn't find any crushed feathers to indicate a fight. I just can't see this many feather falling out without help. 

Well that is it. I will have to find somewhere else to visit 


  1. Nice sunrise shots and see what you mean about the power station, the feathers are sharp too.

  2. Aaah shame about the feathers Trev.... A Cat maybe, or a sparrow hawk arrived for a 'carry out'! Great shots and the very first one of your sunrise shots 'looking east' ....super stuff Trev ! :) xx

  3. Fabulous sunrise shots Trev,Sad about the feathers
    though !
    chris R

  4. Thanks all

    Eileen any idea what the picture that I marked as ducks are. they are not ducks as when you expand the picture they have long bills.

  5. What luck with the sunrise and as you say a few minutes and gone. Glad you are enjoying your outings it is surprising what you see when you are actually looking. Some people just walk along and see nothing.

  6. I only went to pull the curtains Sue, but I do look every morning and evening to see what the sky is like. I am lucky that the window face East and West.


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