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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dull but bright day Day one

Hi All
     Well, we have not seen any sun here but it did get brighter this afternoon. I was looking forward to using my new lens but when I got up this morning it was dark, yucky! This lasted all morning with no let up.

Then around 1:00pm I thought I would take a chance a head out. It was spitting with rain, so I hoped that would stop. I drove to my favourite place and parked up. The sky was still overcast but it was a little brighter.

You may have guessed that I am at Bloors Wharf at low water. I promised a picture of the creek  a few days ago, so here it is

This is only part of it 
 You will see more taken from different angle later on.

Gliding on the wind

Another Glider
There were some birds that Eileen told me were Redshank's But someone this afternoon told me that he thought they were Greenshank's. I can't find Greenshank's in my book

Make up your own mind
I do have clearer pictures but not today.

These are just duck's to me, no idea what type

Coming into land
 I love trying to get these right and only sometimes does it work

Landing for a wash
This next shot may help you ID the other picture

One legged birds
Well they are standing in cold water.

The wind was quite breezy and feather were being ruffled

Having a sort out
 One more

On the bank
Well that is it for today. 

If the weather is bad tomorrow I have plenty more

How do you like the new lens Mike?

First Moon shot for ages
I was lucky tonight as there was big gap in the cloud when I came home, I hope you like it.


  1. Well considering it was a yuckey day I thing they are very good, also you have not had time to get used to the lens. I see a great potential with it.

    Well done, now get down the jim to tone those muscles.

  2. Great shots tonight the one legged thingamies and of course the beautiful moon !!
    chris R

  3. Thanks both.

    Mike I have use near three batteries today.

  4. Ah, is the lens gobbling the batteries or have you taken a load of images. Very good moon did you catch the star breaking up that Eileen mentioned on Facebook?

  5. Trev.... great, great pictures here! love the moon and all the birdies... well worth the investment in your new lens.

    I looked again at the earlier post with the Redshanks and the picture was close enough to see their red legs .... so they are Redshanks not Greenshanks cos their legs are .....GREEN woohoo!....simples :)

    The Picture above is too far away to say what these are. xxxx

  6. Stunning picture of the Teasels Trev xxxx

  7. I am glad you all like them.

    If they all come out like this Eileen it will be worth it.
    Yes Mike about 280 yesterday but not all at once, 200 at Bloors and the rest at home.

    No I did not see the supernova as I would need to get the telescope out and it was club night. M101 is up in the Great Bear and is around mag 8 or 9 so it is hard to see in an 8" anyway. I have seen it in our 14" at Canterbury.

    Weather not good for the weekend, boo hoo.

    Yes they did have red leg but I could not see the colour of yesterdays birds on one leg.

    Wait until tonight for part two.

  8. You two are " country bumpkins" as Sue has just stated.

    When I woz outside working yesterday I noticed lots of birds flocking so I am interested, sort of. Good job we all ain't got the same interests as it would be a funny old world.

    Well it is anyway.

    Well done with the lens, I will have to get mine out the lens that is and have a go at these little creatures.

  9. Yes, I will have to take you down to Bloors Wharf and let you fire away until your hearts content. LOL

  10. Huh ! ... I don't know what is worse ... 'country bumpkins' or 'ol bossy boots!! lol

    On a serious note... as I am getting older I am disliking more and more how we humans behave.... the mess we leave around and lack of respect for each other... not to mention the riots! I am comforted by the fact it is only a small minority to blame, most of my fellow citizens are good people ....but I am finding the birds and the countryside peaceful and stress free so I am spending more of my time with girls going 'walkies'!!! lol

  11. Here here Eileen

    Guess what Mike was trying to take pictures of Pigeon's this morning. He tried to get them to fly so that he could get an in flight picture and they would not take off. Maybe another convert to nature.

    Good for you Mike.


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