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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Out of the wind

Another day and it is still windy, they say that it will ease off tomorrow. I am glad that the birds have returned early this morning even if I have to put up with that reflection.

Not a lot to say but I did have a flock of Starling in the garden first thing, but as I sat down with the camera off they went, just my luck.

The Bully Magpies are back but only one this morning. I have noticed that the Dove's don't like him / her too close to them, they tend to jump out of the way or fly off. The Pigeon's on the other hand don't seem to take much notice. They to some times bully the Dove's.

The Guardian
He is back and I thought looking out for the others, not as he did not hang around long.

Guardian off
.Off he went but he did return for what I thought was a drink.

Wanting a drink
No he didn't but flew off again.

Mean while
Bully boy is back
See how the Dove is watching him / her

In a flap

He didn't stay long as there was load of food on the ground.

Starling in flight

These shot are hard as they move so quickly and i got two of them today.

Another Starling in flight

But this is the best today a Magpie in flight.

Magpie in flight

I don't normally see them go, lucky capture.

I'm watching you
Golly doesn't he look bad tempered.

He didn't want a drink but flew down for food

Then this afternoon
That way please

I'm off

No more and I didn't go out tomorrow low water is 2000hrs so will not make that

That's it for now
Nite Nite


  1. Great, great pictures Trev.... I know the Magpies are 'bully boys' but beautiful colours when you catch the light right on their plumage!! xx

  2. They are Eileen but this one had a dull blue but when I saw it in the summer it was a bright blue.

    Yes Mike but it shows that I need to clean the windows. LOL

  3. Hi Trev, never thought it would be such hard work having a puppy ! I like the 'i'm off' the best,
    a fabulous in flight shot.....
    I must try and catch up with my blogging Trev,sorry this is late !!!
    Chris R

  4. Thanks for your comments Chris.
    Max is lovely


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