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Monday, 12 September 2011

A late visit to Horrid Hill

With the wind blowing like it was I did not think I would get out today at all. It was nearly 5:30 when I left home but is was quiet when I arrived at Riverside not many people around.

I started to walk out to the riverbank and there was nobody around, great I nice walk out to the point. I got to the start of the causeway and then the wind hit me. I wasn't a gale but not far off. This was the problem as I ended up taking 190 picture and deleting all be 48 most were out of focus where the wind was blowing me about. The sun was off to my left and that stopped a good part of the shoreline. I wanted to show you Bloors Wharf as it is best seen from the causeway.

Bloors Wharf
To the left and right round it is mud which you can't see from this picture.

  Walking on up the causeway, quite a way before I could get out of the sun to where the birds were feeding or cleaning themselves.

Yet another bird with attitude 

Must be his brother

I was hoping to see that Little Egret that I saw the other day but is was only Gulls there today. I did see some other birds but they were too far away to make out,  they were out on Nor Marsh.

Great Black Backed Gull
I am hoping to get a close up of one of these in flight. Not the best shot but with the wind not too bad.

Muddy feet
Make you feel like you want a bath.

That is it for today. Hight water is around 1300 Tuesday meaning low water is 1900 too late.


  1. Well at least you got out, like the "muddy feet" the best, well done.

  2. You were brave going out in that wind Trev.... glad you did, lovely pictures!! xxxxx

  3. Tell you what, if I had thought that it was going to be that windy I would have stayed home. I am glad I went out as old muddy feet was the first bird I cam across.

    I have already had some good shot in the garden this morning so I may not have to go anywhere today. Bet I do!

  4. Some really good shots trev, you did very well considering the windy weather !!!
    Chris R

  5. Thanks you Chris,
    It was windy but the trouble was that all of the birds were on that side of the trees.


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