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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Six years ago

Morning All
           I have not had time to go out with the camera today and put a blog together. So I thought I would go back to some old picture that I took  with my old Canon 300D using the standard 18-55 lens. One thing stood out and that is the lens has not changed in those six years. Problems are that it is soft focus and not sharp. I was looking for some of the picture I took and came across the first time I visited Riverside Country Park back in 2005.
I also came across a picture that  took of Southampton Airport when I was an engineer and had to visit a customer there. This picture was used in the Southampton Tourist Guide, the publishers had seen it on my Flickr site and asked to use it.

So this is what RCP looked like in 2005 a lot different to the pictures of today. Is it am improvement, you can make up you own mind.

Southampton Airport
This is the one they used for their Guide.

Now RCP pictures taken 15 August 2005

This wreck is still here

So is this one

Salt marsh

From Horrid Hill

Across the river from Horrid Hill

Out towards the river

This is not there anymore

gone as well
One shot to finish off with
Rose with a Bee in its bonnet
Taken in August 2005

That's it, I hope you like them


  1. Nice trip down memory lane. Nice rose.

    And Ah Michael Fish was my forecaster. lol

  2. Thanks Mike,

    Well everyone say that we had a hurricane and he said we were not getting a hurricane. He was right because it was a storm. The funny thing is that all the books written on it have a title that says "the hurricane of 86" then in the book call it the "great Storm"

    Playing on work and lookup hurricane on the internet it says you only get hurricanes in the Caribbean and nowhere else in the world.
    Good what.

    The park has changed in the six years as they have cleared the rubble out.

  3. Nice post Trev .... very interesting stuff ... I am glad some things have not changed!

  4. The path's are a lot better and there is the wildlife pond to look at. They have cut area's for other wildlife to breed, so I think it is an improvement. Don't know what it will be like in the winter, I will let you know.


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