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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Four-legged friends

Hello All,

What a lovely day it has been with the mercury rising the old temp has hit 29C on the garage roof. In the shade it is 25C with lots of sunshine. I had a few things to do but around lunch time I decided to have a run round the countryside.

Dead tree in all this greenery 

Magpie in a tree
This bird was only across the road from me, if I had been at home he would have gone.

Now I know nothing about horses but I do know what I like, I hope that you do too.

Chomping away

What do you want

I say

Why Hello
He had a Leslie Philip's type voice

I got an itch


I'm busy

So am I

I am one of the best
 Look at the way his coat shines

Where Mum
 He doesn't look very old

Have you got anything to eat?
He was lovely and followed me up and down the fence.

Well it made a change to have a drive in the country.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Stop Horsing around Trev. Well done, good shots.

  2. I did wonder when I read that you had decided to "have a run round the countryside" whether you had blown the dust off your trainers, I am disappointed with you. But I will forgive you as the horses are beautiful, so majestic and I like the way they talked to you.

  3. Me run, 20years ago maybe and that is a big maybe.

    If you talk nicely to them they talk nicely back.

  4. Ahhhhh this is all so sweet Trev ..... just lovely. Beautiful pictures of some gentle, handsome creatures ..... I like the way they have spoken to you as well!!! Thanks Trev ...

  5. Well you have it or don't have it Eileen, LOL

    I hope the Boys are ok now.

  6. Hi Trev, so you're a horse whisperer, wow !!
    These shots are so good them all !!!
    chris R

  7. No Chris but they talk to anyone who will listen,LOL


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