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Monday, 26 September 2011

Dawn Rising

Morning All, I woke at 0530 this morning and could not go back to sleep. After five minutes I thought "let's go and see a sunrise. I was out by 0600 and went down to Motney Hill as this has a good view to the east.

As I got out of the car I saw this very thin crescent moon. it was so dark that I did not think I could do anything with it. The camera said otherwise, but the ISO was 1600 so there is noise on it, well it was 0615.

Thin Crescent Moon
 I do wish I had my telescope as this would have been a lot better.

I moved to the bank and looked across at the power station all lit up.

Power station in the dark

At dawn just

Dawn rising
Just the crack

Sky reddening 

Different view

The Sun will soon be up

These are in order as the cloud was thinner when I arrived

Sunrise 0645

Sun up
Just after 0700, cloud building

The time had not worried the birds as they were feeding in the dark.All I got was some dark shapes flying overhead.

Dark shape

eerie shape over head  

Feeding before dawn Red Shanks 
That is an I think

Sun on the marsh

This is a first for me

I had heard them but this was the first one I saw as it got light

When it was getting just light I saw what I think is Kestrel hovering but it was too dark for a picture. I think I saw the same one as I was walking back to the car in daylight but I was in amongst the trees, so no shots were possible.

I do think it was worth getting up early for as I was enjoying myself. It got light too quickly for my liking.

Around 1700 tonight
No room at the Inn

I hope you enjoyed this change of theme.


  1. Well Trev, I was sound asleep at that time of the morning. Well worth the effort though.

    Nice Curlew shot considering the time of day.

  2. Yes but the trouble with that time of day is the ISO. It keeps going high.

    If I do it again I will take the tripod and use the timer.

  3. Oooooo Thanks Trev I enjoyed seeing these pictures .... well worth the effort Love 'em all xxx

  4. Thanks Eileen, I will try and do better with them next time.

    It was nice to be up early as I had not done that for an age.

  5. Hi Trev, back from my hols and these shots are fabulous !!! love the 'dawn rising' shots.....
    chris richards

  6. Thanks Chris, I hope that you had a good break, nice to have you back


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