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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Two Hours at Elmley Marsh

Hello All, Packed everything into the boot and set off for Elmley Marsh thinking that it was a nice worm afternoon. Low water was around 1800 so 1300 seemed to me to be about right.

 I arrived about 1410 and drove a little down the track, there were Cows every where just like last Wednesday. I went on until  I pulled over farther down to have a look round thinking that I may stay on the road. Looking round there did not seem to be anything but a few cows. I moved on and across my path flew a Kestrel, good start I thought. Coming through the next gate was car so I stopped to give him way. There in the road landed a Grey Heron, camera in boot, car coming the other way, could it get any worse? Yes the Heron took off as the car moved towards him, yet another missed opportunity. Next time I go I will have the camera on the seat beside me. I dove into the car park and started walking along the path.

Part of the path
And this was the best bit as you move on it get rough on the feet.
I walked a long way and there was nothing, I heard birds but could not see any. I got to the sea wall and poked my head up and over, not a bird in sight. I thought I would carry on to where Mike and I saw the swans.

Low and behold!

Two Swans

Wash and brush up
I carried on walking and it was not long before I saw a really big flock of Canada Geese, there must have been 100's.

Canada Geese in flight

Loads of them. 

As I carried on there was a few Geese on the side of a drain.
More Geese
A little later I look over the over side and coming towards me were these

In flight
Behind them were these, another flock of Canada Geese!

More geese
By this time I had spent nearly 90 minutes and decided to make my way back to the car. I am glad I did as a Grey Heron flew over me.

Grey Heron
Click the picture for larger image.

I thought that nothing is going to beat this as I headed back to the car. Just before the car park are two ponds one left and the other in the right. A Little Egret flew in and landed in the one on the right. I had to get a shot of this so I crept up to  where I could see him. This was a little farther than I hoped but you take what you can get and be done with it.

Little Egret in pond
I was now getting late so I went back to the car and started to drive out but had only gone a short distance when I saw another Little Egret in a drain by the road. This time I was on my own  no cars and the camera on the seat beside me so I pulled up.

Little Egret by road
.If you decided to go to Elmley Marsh it is really a day out and it is a long way out to see anything as the scene keeps changing.

It was a good afternoon but hard work on the path, you need a stout pair of shoes.

Have a good weekend.


  1. You certainly had a great deal on success at Elmley, those shots are excellent, GREAT STUFF.

  2. A lesson learnt about having the camera with you, really good shots, it is all coming together nicely. Well done.

  3. Looks like a successful day Trev. Great pictures. Love the Swans in flight and the Grey Heron, good shots. x

  4. Thanks All,
    Have a good weekend


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