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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Northward Hill walk

This afternoon I decided to go to Northward Hill Nature Reserve and see how it had change over the last few weeks. I parking up and followed the "Marshland Trail", this take you up to a viewpoint over looking the marsh. On the way there are lots of things to see and some of the plants have lost their flowers and turned into something else.

Walking up to the viewpoint following the paths (I have not been this way before) I put the camera down to change the battery, on picking it up a lizard ran from underneath a tile that I had laid it on. He was gone before I could even think. He was 5 to 6 inches long and a grey/green. I will have to watch just what I am doing in future.

   The Plants
I have not identified them yet but I will do

 I am not sure if that is spelt right but they are bigger than Blueberries 

Tasty Mushroom
 Not really big enough for tea

Mike's tea

Guess who has been here
 Daisy and Holly's Ball

The Marsh over looks Canvey Island

Sheep and Cows

Is it going to rain!

Canvey Island

Crow on a post



Not many but interesting 

I think these are Crows

Another Crow


And this is the same bird in the centre in the two pictures

First shot

Second shot
They are of a Grey Heron click to enlarge

That was it as it was time to go home.

I did meet a few people up their and they gave me ideas on places to go.

Techno bits for Mike the lens has a switch on it to bring it down to 1,6 MTS  which helps with the close ups 

Bye for now


  1. Nice spot Trev and good pictures, ok on the close up switch.

    Like the *scene" shots as Sue calls them.

    See you later

  2. Yes Mike is was something different and made a change.

    I have been told of a few places to go that are not too far away. I will tell you later when I see you.

    Look out for today's blog later.

  3. I love Northward Hill Trev and you have some super shots.... Ken took a picture at the top of the drive coming in to the reserve, over looking the fruit trees with the valley below .... lovely view and we have it enlarged and printed on canvas ... It is rabbit heaven for the puppies.... hundreds of the little buggers! lol xxx

  4. Oh,That made me laugh the thought of Holly and Daisy chasing all those rabbits.

    It is a lovely place and yesterday there were a few car parked at the top of the hill where you said. I was going to go out to were the Heron are but change my mind and went the other way. I am glad I did as I met this chap who told me about a place near Faversham.

    It was a nice afternoon and I chatted with a few people.

    I am glad your trip went well.


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